Enterainment Media & Politics

Why is it that every torrent site that lets you download torrent files so you can download content

(primarily movies and music ,games and other software etc) Illegally (that is you do not have to pay some group for limited access)
you are forced to watch sexual advertising which is 99% white/albinic females?

(BTW What about all the white/albinic females that want to download stuff?

Oh yeah most of them proablly don’t need to because they can get

a man to do  it for them,so the vistors/users  to these sites are

predominately white/albinic males who are also the site creators

heads of advertising etc
Also the more extreme the illegality the more extreme the sexual advertising.

And Media In General

Most busnesses are owned and staffed by albinic/white people

and as white/albinic people have shown to be at minumum no exception to biological prinicples of identity group cohesion,

it therefor follows that the media enviornment is dominated by images of albinic/white people to the exclusion of others.

I’ve noticed this phenomena for a while and my awareness of it has seem to intensify as i grow older.

Just recently responded to advertising for a dating website (match.com) all the intial ads featured exclusively white/albinic females – which means match.com is owned and staffed by guess who?


~ by Mbeti on April 21, 2011.

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