Technological Change

Computer Technologies via the PC and the internet are making money and thus business models obsolete.

Examples that may validate this assertion:

a PC with accessories can transform any and all traditional media content :lectures,singing/music,pictures,writing(newspaper,magazines,books),film/video etc into a file.

you can make infinite copies of this file,each copy is virtually identical with no detectable degradation of quality.

rechargeable usb powered batteries replace one use disposable batteries

With the internet it can be distributed anywhere at anytime.

the cost in time and effort is exponentially decreasing.

Side Note: from my personal experience: as a child there where only 3 tv channels and you watched

what was aired when they decided to air it for that time period only.

you had to watch commercials and after about 12am content distribution stopped.the TV still worked but there was nothing on.

in addition reception was variable – sometimes good sometimes bad.

today I don’t even bother watching tv or cable, if hear abut a show i like I download my copy freely – only time (exponentially decreasing) and internet access cost (exponentially decreasing while access is exponentially increasing)

same thing for every film,video,song,book,magazine,comic etc I have ever viewed and wanted.

same thing for books ,magazines ,news.

my copy is mine to keep for as long as I want to view/use as I want anytime or place I want.

no commercials or other interruptions.

And this is true not just for me but for everybody ,indeed it is designed to be used by anyone and depends on multiple participants.

and while the quality may vary for new unauthorized content(exclusively films) all other content and with a limited timeframe said films also the quality is 100 percent to the point of being a non issue.

Just recently the public library which i used and loved since childhood i now obsolete,i no longer need or want to access information that way.

Current trends of civil societies combined with advances of technologies is making violence obsolete.

Examples that may validate this assertion:

with the emergence of the nuclear bomb war between nations that have nuclear bomb capability is (ironic acronym) MAD – mutual assured destruction, no side can win and both will be destroyed as will many noncapbale nations as well.

as populations become more literate interpersonal violence follows the same course, you increasingly have to be (mad/mentally ill) to think you can assault,rob,rape or murder anyone in public or “private” and getaway with it,much less not incur significant damage and/or destruction yourself.

Also as to the future: I envision a next great change that will fundamentally alter our species as to make others points about economics,the corporation and technologies as well resource depletion minuscule.

Each individual member of our species (as well as all preceding species)  has finite restricted phenotype.

You are born ,go through phases of growth and development and if not terminated by accident or murder(interspecies predation) ,deteriorate (illness) and die/terminate.

Your gender,socioeconomic status at birth,phenotypic and cultural group membership are involuntary and unalterable to any significant degree.

Our collective technological knowledge is accumulating to the point where these variables and others will come within the control of each individual member of our species.

then what? any previously imagined utopia pales in comparison.

Indeed i can only anticipate universal philosophical objections

I may not live to see it (as countless billions if not trillions have not and will not,but I may be resurrected.

Side Note: I have not read all the books  nor am i familiar with all the terminology,  but current techonological trends indicate to me that along the course of the ultimate change I’ve outlined increased and enhanced cogintive capacity and capability will be one of the many developments ie the ability to access and read all relevant titles on this subject as well as remember and correlate said data.


~ by Mbeti on July 10, 2011.

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