Code of silence

Code of silence
Poor homeless people, Street drug sellers, Most black people

There seems to be a code of silence and willful subservience on the part of these groups of people I mentioned.
Take poor homeless people of whom I am a member.
If I try to talk to any of them about the social psychological or political factors involved in their poverty – they immediately go silent or become indigent.

Even more so if I try to suggest actually doing something about it, and I’m not talking about protesting or marching or voting.

For example I currently live on a semi-abandoned lot.
I’ve found numerous ways and methods to live ever more comfortably, finding viable means and methods to wash, cook, stay warm or keep cool etc.

There are approximately 3 or 4 men who stay in the same area – and do nothing but lay out a few blankets and a mat to sleep on.
To consider picking up trash you drop or keeping the area clean is somehow alien to them.

Another example I was talking to some females whose profession is street drug sales, one was pregnant and we where talking about rising the child once it was born.

The mother and the other women where adamant about not allowing the child to be spoiled or disobedient but when I tried to even raise the issue of balance and how abuse or neglect could also produce a bully or other type of criminal, it was as if they sensed what I was trying to say and begin to immediately tune me out and ignore me.

One thing I know about these groups is that they all are religious believers maybe that’s why they are allergic to reason.


~ by Mbeti on June 7, 2012.

5 Responses to “Code of silence”

  1. Wait a minute…you are homeless? May I ask what city you are in?

  2. Yes. Los Angeles

  3. I grew up in newyork brooklyn without a father(died when I was six months old said my mother) and a mother so ignorant and abusive that when she died when I was thirteen, not only did I not shed a tear,I felt happy and free.

    I have some brothers and sisters but we are not in contact.
    I am however very capble and comfortable in my solitary existence.

    What you can do is continue to be you.
    The issues you speak on are very important to me ,as is the fact that your a black female speaking about them.

    Would that there where a thousand more just like you.

    Please continue and some subjects or issues you post should not be part 1 and 2 but continued indefinitely and updated regularly.

    And don’t worry about me ,though I suffer greatly I have wealth and power beyond imaging and my fate is not yet sealed.

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