In Regards To Afrocentricity

in seems reasonable to say that it is wrong to replace one form of cultural-historical exclusion and centrism with another.
Its seems more approiate to find or create a term that describes the valid goals that afrocentrism contributes to the current distorted presentation of history and culture.

contributions of afrocentrism
that white europeans have via thier hegmony have presented a bais view of history and culture.

that black africans have and continue to make equal contibutions to history and culture.

specifically – africans have had sociaties and civilizations prior to thier contact with white europeans.

that egyptian civilization being geograhically located in africa, for most of its history including its founding was of and by black africans.

information excluded from offical historical texts indicating numerous african civilaztions not only within the african conitenit but also outside of it at numerous locations accross the planet.

on a sociological-physcholoical note
many critics say the much of afrocentrism is about building the self esteem of black africans esp dispora black africans such as african americans and carbeanian africans.
But why not?
to tell a whole population of distinct humans that you have no history and made no contribition to human civilzation prior to enslavement and colonization (even though evoluntiionary evidence indicates africa to be the birthplace of the first humans) and not expect it to effect thier self esteem is not only bais but ingnores the fact that this was intended.

Why shouldn’t a black african human feel pride in knowing that members of thier group have and continue to make contributions to civilization?

problems of afrocentrism
it is wrong to replace one form of cultural-historical exclusion and centrism with another.

a more approiate to term that describes the valid goals that afrocentrism contributes to the current distorted presentation of history and culture.

the temporal emergence of the albinic/white population(via evolution) specifically the european variant which inevitable benifits from the accumulated contributions of various other human populations which preceded them.


~ by Mbeti on June 17, 2012.

3 Responses to “In Regards To Afrocentricity”

  1. Hi I am Scott Lee, an analyst, consultant, speaker, strategist and writer on topics related to digital content technology.
    Interesting post!

  2. Why have I never heard of Afrocentricity? I suppose it is because I am not African. Are the various concepts of Afrocentricity meant to be kept secret from whites? I ask because I had never heard of melanin before, and I’m feeling like I’ve been asleep for a long time and now waking up. Why have I never heard of the science? I know that Homo-Sapiens dating back to 160,000 years ago were the first human beings. I knew that much. I didn’t know about melanin and carbon, and the superiority of the African people as scientific fact. It makes perfect sense. I’ve always been one of those white guys that wishes he was black. You know, because black people are kinder, more talented in general, and have more attractive features/skin tones.

    Mind if I ask, do you believe in segregation? Since Obama became President, people I’ve known my whole life, that I never knew were bigots, became openly and obnoxiously racist. I’m sure you tire of white folks like me that are ashamed of our heritage, but I am repulsed by what I’ve become aware of about my own European roots, white supremacy, and the suppression of information in the media regarding the countless contributions of African Americans in this country. Needless to say, America would be a “third world country” if we hadn’t exploited the African race. We steal Africans from their land, and they give us the best our society has to offer, the best music, the best art, the best philosophy, and 4 years ago my race began showing that they are blind mutants, and ungrateful, uninformed fools, that don’t give a damn about how easy they have it, and are completely indifferent towards the social injustices being experienced constantly by the people that in fact afforded them their prosperity. Aright, I’ll shut it now.

    I ask if you believe in segregation. I ask because I am wondering if in the Afrocentric community it is possible for whites who are enlightened to serve a useful function. Be it sharing fundamental truths with my peers, black or white, or even socializing with the Afrocentric family. I guess I’m asking, does the pigment of my skin disqualify me from being a supporter of Afrocentric causes? I can at least show my support with my wallet, as I am a member of the NAACP, and I am trying to be politically active and am a firm believer in the NOI’s reparation of complete tax exemption for Black America. I don’t know if you agree with that but, it’s at least a start, wouldn’t you say?

    Love the blog!

  3. In reading you comment I would say that you are an exception among white/albinic people.
    You should continue to be as honest as you are.
    Mind if I ask, do you believe in segregation?
    In this modern world isolating one’s self or group is delusional.
    We have to live amongst myriad groups and individuals.
    It is about how we treat each other.
    Regardless of your phenotype – your commitment to truth and justice is most important.
    Thank you again for a great comment
    They/We need to come up with a widget to like and share comments

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