Democracy – syria russia china and america

neither russia nor china have a superficial democracy
as in the albinic/white european model of one albinic/white male one vote,
rule of law etc

miltary power and in-group cohesion overrule democracy and rule of law.

if a portion of the chinese or russian population peacefully demonstrated for superficial democracy or even full democracy ,the chinese and russian ruling groups have and would respond
exactly the same way as the syrian ruling group – brutally assault jail torture and kill as many of the protesting population as needed until they stopped.

And the u.s. and the u.n. wouldn’t even be able to say shit much less send in monitors ,peace keepers or the military.

Big and bigger – there is a saying: there is always something greater i.e. someone or something bigger stronger smarter etc

america russia and china are among the most powerful nations of this planet but their are forces on and of this planet that are bigger stronger “smarter” and meaner then them individually and collectively.

the reason the current syrian regime will fall despite the overt support of russia and china
and the covert support of america is because the arab spring represents such a force.

and russia and china are only sowing the seeds of their own regime’s inevitable demise.
the world is watching and will not forget nor has it forgotten who imposed and supported the

by the way what kind of democracy has as its foundation genocide and slavery as well as the deliberate exclusion and denigration of all its female members?
Of what value is such a democracy?


~ by Mbeti on July 20, 2012.

One Response to “Democracy – syria russia china and america”

  1. I just had that conversation yesterday. It would seem that AmeriKlan’s chickens have come home to roost.

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