Good vs a god

good vs a god
Around December 2011 I had a bike which was stolen,I became very angry even did some vandalism in retaliation.
I was very angry because I was homeless,The bike was a step up from constantly walking.

The retaliatory vandalism was because for most of my adult life I’ve experienced continual covert(hidden) surveillance by the american albinic population to the point that
it seems a telepathic ability of most sapiens in relation to me.

(I know it sounds like mental illness, all i kind say is I hope it is,then its just my problem.
however from what i’ve learned of american history let alone history of biological life
makes it a definite possibly.)

a few months later after buying another bike I found 2 additional bikes.

At first I was amazed and thought it somehow mystical until logic prevailed and I realized that with the amount of bikes out there it was inevitable that I would find one or more.

WHEN i first begin to tell other people i knew about this a few of them annoyed me by

immediately saying – god and nothing else (that’s one of the main things I find annoying and frustrating about religion and its adherents – simplistic statements with no analysis or explanation)

The point of this post is that due to the constant and continual harassment and abuse I receive or perceive , has warped my sense of their being any good in life only seeing the bad,when the fact is their is a eternal balance of good and bad.

truth knowledge and using your mind is a part of the good lying to yourself and others about imaginary beings because you can’t explain something is a part of the bad and don’t get me started on ugly, that’s a whole nother post.


~ by Mbeti on July 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Good vs a god”

  1. Interesting post. So you have an ability? And you no longer believe in good? Or is it just your senses telling you that?

  2. Yes I/we have various degrees of ability.
    But my suffering affected my thinking as it sometimes inevitably does.
    The pain of death can sometime cloud one’s sight of the joy of life.

    Besides The Great Sun Tzu said – All warfare is based on deception.

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