Greatness And America

is america the only country that has invented things?
are albinic/white males the only ones to have invented things or thought about things?

while albinic/white males where inventing thinking and building they where also deliberately excluding all females and non albinic/white people;
that’s why the history books are filled with albinic/white males accomplishments but few contributions by other groups.

if most of its wealth is derived from stolen land and labor can such wealth ever be legitimate?

yet they (albinic/white males) want this nation and thus them to be seen as great if not the greatest nation yet in history.
are you fucking kidding me? no really by what standard?
the standard that says i’m able bodied and me and mine have a lot of weapons and if you don’t agree I’ll assault you and kill you?

sure america has wealth power and knowledge.
but the main thing about it is the fact that so many different groups of people contributed to this.


~ by Mbeti on July 20, 2012.

One Response to “Greatness And America”

  1. And it’s because of this lie that they tell themselves that the self deception and anger grows and implodes within them.

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