Covert Telepathic Surveillance CTS

Telepathic One-Way Surveillance – via Albinic Population
How could it ever be two way. I’m one person – they are many.

Update Section – currently whenever I stop to lock my bike and open the attached crate and take something out or put something in, the populace ‘ makes sure a albinic female is present.
Rules Of The Global Populace –
1.General Agreement : melanin people should/must live subordinate to albinic people.
2.Members of populace will use any and every means to
maintain the status quo.
3.If melanin people advance any degree albinic people will immediately move to counter.
4.Albinic populations self esteem individually and collectively is directly related to the social status/condition of Meleiniiated people individually and collectively.
Just like whenever I’m downloading(getting free content) an albinic male is always present for the duration.

But The real issue is, it
mental illness or oppression?
Do I have a malfunction of some part of my neocortex
causing me not just audiotory hallucinations but also
neocortex cognitive malfunctions that express itself as errors of reasoning and judgement?
Why due my audiotory hallucinations”(if the are hallucinations) occur only at specific times and seemingly only in relation to specific thoughts.

I’m an african american, that means I’m a member the only group of american citzens that did not voluteeralily emigrate to this country.
A country that was and continues to been founded on violence and deceit.
Land stolen ,the original inhabitants ruthlessly lied to and slaughtered.
My ancestors names, language and all other cultural heritage brutally savagely stripped away so that we should do the work we are continually told we are too stupid and lazy to have done without such coercion.
Telepathy Precognition Surveilence Oppression


~ by Mbeti on September 2, 2012.

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