911 – 2012

Eleven years after with new york world trade buildings disaster.
When 911 happened I learned that the same number to telephone police,fire or ambulance (first? responders)
was also a time of day or night 9:11 am/pm
as well as a date of the year 9th month 11th day

And I thought wow until this thing happened in all my years of studying alternative ideas and thoughts I had never noticed nor heard mention of this particular bit of symbolism.

I also notice how everyone that claims its a conspiracy and that the us government was behind it was white,particularly white male.

Currently I regularly read blogs by other Africans/blacks that criticize and deconstruct the aggression of whites/albinics.

One of the most frequent critiques of this group(whites/albinics) is how when it comes to POC they lie consistently even pathologically.

However that they (the official us government) would lie and deliberately setup a incident so that they can justify and rationalize going to war around the globe continuously and enforcing military policies locally seems like DUH ,

if your African/black and have experienced their
(the American government in particular (a predominately white/albinic male organization) or white/albinic people in general) actions in your life.

in 2011 we experienced what white/albinic people named the Arab spring,nation after nation of Arab and Muslim populace (POC since they are not “white”) rising up peacefully against dictatorship governments all of which where supported by and in many cases installed by the American government.

Imagine After a decade of being the pretext for which to justify war ,invasion,enhancement of local police etc these people “decided” to rise up.

And locally we have a African/black President a first in the history of a country whose founding population was and still is so hostile and aggressive as to make such an event unimagined and unexpected (by me and many other black/African and other POC) that many thought it heralded a new age of peace and justice.

Sadly we see (at least I saw immediately) that America’s first “black” or POC president was/is just another ruse by the same old suspects/perpetrators.

It seems the only way we’ll see true peace and justice(if this is even possible) is when white/albinic people are removed from power and seen for what they are and why they are.

Until then its just more of the same ,war poverty and illness when there should be none.


~ by Mbeti on September 11, 2012.

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