is it possible to live and act completely honest?

is it possible to live and act completely honest?
all religions are lies.
all the current governments are corrupt and inherently so.
the most kind fair and beautiful people are at the bottom.
the cruelest and ugliest people are at the top.
if you want to rise you must fuck them and behave just like them.

you may learn and know a part of the truth but
you should not give it away?(no matter how important or useful)
it should always be sold?

Maybe I have a sickness of mind that I want to be completely honest.
That I think illness proverty and crime are the most important threats to our species.
That I want to do whats good and true.

if its really yin/yang then I’m bais stupid and doomed to fail in a life
that is/was inherently finite anyway.


~ by Mbeti on September 17, 2012.

One Response to “is it possible to live and act completely honest?”

  1. I don’t think your desire for truth is stupid. You just yearn for justice.

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