An African American Philosophy and Philospher

An African American Philosophy and Philosopher
I have never been here before
And coming here is a involutary process as is leaving.
Birth and Death without choice nor preknowledge only inevitable fate.

philosophy // n. (pl. -ies)
1 the use of reason and argument in seeking truth and knowledge of reality, esp. of the causes and nature of things and of the principles governing existence, the material universe, perception of physical phenomena, and human behaviour.
2 a a particular system or set of beliefs reached by this. b a personal rule of life.
3 advanced learning in general (doctor of philosophy).
4 serenity; calmness; conduct governed by a particular philosophy.
[Middle English from Old French filosofie via Latin philosophia ‘wisdom’ from Greek (as philo-, sophos ‘wise’)]

physics chemistry biology sociology psychology
what when where how why
rule of fives
Acronym’s and hidden meaning
Toe – theory of everything
Five toes – physics chemistry biology sociology psychology
(a work in progress)
I notice now that I’ve been here for a while that the people(white/albinic) who claim the most honor beauty and intelligence actually have the least.
They insist on claiming the entire western hemisphere as thier cultural domain when all it is only small northern europe.

And while they lied murdered raped and did everything else they could to prevent all other enthnophenotypic groups from equally participating the claim the authority to state what truth and science is, and that anyone and everyone should and most achieve by their standards and traditions.


~ by Mbeti on September 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “An African American Philosophy and Philospher”

  1. They know and feel that their time is coming to an end. That’s the reason for the panic. Be careful out there with the elections coming.

  2. “Thier time coming to an end” wishful thinking ,we african/black/meleininated are the first people and they european/white/albinic are the last people.
    I don’t see any panic and the elections are irrelevent.

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