Blogs Info 2 – The Experiences

I’ve been not just blogging but also visiting other blogs and commenting where I thought appropriate.

I’ve learned a bit concerning certain subjects and their reaction.

1.Due to unknown but relatively easily discovered factors
the blogs I’ve linked to and commented on have not reciprocated.

2.Nor due I get any responses from the comments I’ve made in response to subjects posted by other bloggers.

3.However I have noticed that there is a limit to how many commenters one can read let alone respond to as more then a 100 makes a page/topic slow to load and takes an excessive amount of time to read.

4.Then there is the content and quality of comments much less of the originating topic.

5.I’ve experienced quite a few highly commendable blog posts and comments.

6.With a controversial topic such as race,gender,religion or politics expect abusive hostile mentally ill opposition.

6a.In fact it amazes me how another member of the allegedly most advanced/developed species on this planet can access a computer,then access the internet ,the access a particular blog on a particular subject ,know that they are at a blog about a particular subject and yet ignore ,contradict and refuse to accept or respect the basic premises of said blog the spend so much effort to access and comment on!

to be continued…..


~ by Mbeti on September 26, 2012.

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