Childern Baby Animals And Other Small things

Children Baby Animals And Other Small things
I’m a solitary african american male ;
meaning i don’t live with anyone nor have i married nor reproduced.
Still I am not without affection or tenderness ,joy or wonder.
Today I saw many children ,however it was a particularly happy group of about three young girls(ages aprox 6 to 8) who where so happily playing with each other.

How uninhibitedly joyful I thought,they why all children can be.
Not a care because they are to young to know or even comprehend the complexities that give rise to misery and cruelty amongst us adults.

I an urge of affection ,the same affection as when one sees a kitten or puppy and one’s own innocence and carefree feelings emerge, the desire to hold and hug and caress free of any cruder sexual desire.

I passed a buddist temple and heard monks chanting ,
it sounded musical and very soothing.


~ by Mbeti on September 26, 2012.

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