Film Quotes

The Quotes They stick in my memory They Arise in times of stress and conflict ,although cruel they give me solace and fond memories.

Only Don’t Tell Me Your Innocent because it insults my intelligence And that makes me very angry
The Godfather 1972

A good man always knows his limitations
A man’s got to know his limitations
Magnum Force 1973

I told them not to fool with me
You fuckin with me you fuckin with the best
Scarface 1983

You want answers
I want the truth
You can’t handle the truth
A few good men 1992

Bring Me Everyone, Everyone!! 1:48:48
The Professional 1994

You plan on your contingencies and I have
You keep your initiative and I will
But what you don’t do is share command
Its never a good idea 39:11
Broken Arrow 1996

You’ve been asked by an old friend
You’ve been ordered by a superior officer
Now your being given your last chance by a man with a gun 1:51:11
The Rock 1996
Good Luck
Taken 2008Lucky as opposed to being Shit Out Of Luck…………………
Wise guys 1987 – 1990
Episode I’m not stupid enough to put it there – Pilot
You can’t kill me, you can’t pull the trigger, Even now
The Loose Cannon
Stupid stupid stupid A Deal’s A Deal
And If your still alive
Twilight Zone Original Series S02E28 Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up

Twilight Zone Original Series 061-The Silence
one episode where the story could actually happen…

I Don’t want it!South Central

Now, if you apologize,like l know you’re going to,
A Fistful Of Dollars 1964

Listen and understand
That Terminator Is out there
It can’t be bargained with
It can’t be reasoned with
It doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear
And it absolutely will not stop Ever
Until you are dead 41:05
The Terminator 1984

Yeah,I’ve Been Busy!
48 Hrs

Now Take Your Flunky And Dangle
Millers Crossing 1990


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