Kung Fu Martial Arts Film Quotes

The Quotes
They stick in my memory
They Arise in times of stress and conflict ,although cruel they give me solace and fond memories.

This is as far you’ll go
I Don’t Know how to put it, lets say I was Involved..
Seven Steps Of Kung Fu 1979

Well Now My friend your weakening
You have no chance, you know that
My hatred can’t be stopped
Its taken years to find you..
Ninja Checkmate AKA Mystery of Chess Boxing (1979)

You don’t think you can defeat me do ya
I’ll beat you down in less than 30 strokes
Death Duel Of Kung Fu 1979

You won’t get away from me in a thousand years
Struggle Through Death 1981

I’ll even go to Shaolin if I have to go
The Master Killer 1977

All Pai Mei Strikes Are Correlated
7 Grand Masters (1978)
They defeated all other fighters and gained fame throughout the land.
My Kung Fu Improves every hour,soon I will be invincible.

He will win, unless he is off-balance off-balance off-balance
Dragon On Fire(1979)

Ah pay we’re not paying you anit getting a cent
World Of Drunken Master

It seems you’ve changed a bit,Nothing in life remains the same
Snake In The Monkey’s Shadow

I would let more men die to keep my promise they meant nothing to me
Kung Fu Commandos

You’ve pushed me too far
Fearless Dragons 1981

Use torture!………………….
Number one’s a fool he’s certain to be the death of you……………………….

You ask me when will it end ,it will never end ,it just goes on it goes on forever.

Why are you just watching?
Why don’t you fight!!
Five Deadly Venoms

Just you kill me then, real men don’t torture!

The sand palm’s got lee, he’s finished, he can’t get far Quick!! – Silver Spear……………………

you won’t make though – Swordsman Lee
I’ll try – Silver Spear…………………

Don’t Worry These Men Are All Gonna Die

Kid With The Golden Arm

But Wong Haug Was not a man to give up without a fight
18 Fatal Strikes

Tell me who your teacher is and I’ll spare your life!
No Never!
Kung fu Of 8 Drunkards(1980)

Better say your prayers cause your leaving feet first
Secret Rivals 3 (1981)

And Everybody must Die sometime
Treasure Hunters (1982)

You are marked for death wherever you go!
I guess I wish It was Different, but a wish is only a wish
Shogun Assassin (1980)

I’m Sorry!!
The Deadly Duo (1978)

Does He Think He Can Escape(Said By The “Blind” Villian Monk)
Master Of The Flying Guillotine AKA Return Of The One Armed Boxer

Most But not All Are said by The “Villian” Character
Some Are Funny Some are smart all are wise in thier own way.
Some can be reversed or have multiple meanings or only part my pop in to my mind as needed


~ by Mbeti on October 26, 2012.

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  2. Martial Arts Movie Quotes is a masterlist of unintentionally funny subtitles from Hong Kong Kung Fu films of the 70s and 80s.

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