Notes towards a media guide to Gaza Reblogged from Abagond

Media Anaylsis In action.


Just some notes based on reading about the 2012 bombing of Gaza on the English-language Internet. Suggestions are welcomed!

Listed roughly in order from worst to best:

  • BBC, The New York Times – These were terrible! Warmed-over Israeli propaganda. They:
    • Repeat whatever the Israeli government says without challenge and use that as their main source.
    • Let Israel set the narrative: Gazan rockets, self-defence, blah, blah. Little about international law, truces broken by Israel, the number of Gazans killed before the bombings, etc.
    • Rarely talk to Hamas or any Gazan above a hospital spokesman.
    • Tell us about the hardships of Israelis but little about the far worse hardships of Gazans.
    • Tell us all about Gazan military hardware but almost nothing about Israeli hardware.
    • Act as if both sides are somehow equal, that there is not a giant imbalance between them in military power.
    • Use sources without telling us about…

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~ by Mbeti on November 21, 2012.

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