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arguing with other commenters is pointless and counterproductive – however because we have limits to our mental abilities and knowledge as well as possessing emotional dispositions we sometimes do what we shouldn’t.

it must be acknowledged that a percentage of bloggers and commenters have varying degrees of mental disorders.

as blogging and posting is open to the general public many if not most bloggers and commenters have no formal training or education in many of the subjects they may comment on.

the reverse is also truth as their are many very educated experienced talented and informed bloggers & commenter’s

this does not mean that only those with a certain level of education or expertise should be allow to blog and/or comment on any particular subject even those of suspected mental disorder

for the internet , this new global communications network is about information and entertainment

blogging isn’t just about the issues its about life in all its beautiful/ugly mean/nice smart/stupid good/bad glory and insignificance – that’s right no matter how many comments or commenter’s you’ve have ,posted or read

even if its the worst/best blog/comment ever (or one of them one day month or year) that changed your life and/or the world
it will like all things past from existence
and is only one very small part of a vast and infinite universe.


~ by Mbeti on December 5, 2012.

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