Media/Internet Hoarding & Losing Shit

Current personal computer technologies make it very easy to hoard – webpages,mp3’s,video files in their various formats
avi,mpg,flv etc
software,pictures,documents etc
I save,keep a copy because I can.
I had 4 tb of data storage – but because of poverty and ignorance – i temporarily lost access to some files.

I say temporarily because I’ve for years been finding shit via internet that I had at sometime in my youth/past viewed or listen to but it was not even possible to own a copy ,now thanks to the simple technology of copying – you want as many people to have a copy of your favorite shit because if you temporarily lose access – you can regain it again via someone Else’s copy.

Because my music favorites are limited to individual tracks ,mp3 files average a size half a kilobyte to 10 megabytes,and

I only have five musical categories I’m interested in – Rock Rap RnB – New-Wave and Disco (defunct no longer active)
no classical,jazz ,gospel(aw hell na – I’m a atheist) ,foreign?! – I have a few tracks that might be classical/instrumental, jazz?! and even gospel – but There probably cross overs or some such.

My Total Personal Music Collection is approximately 6 gigs – which allows for portability to zip disks ,cloud storage and most Laptop hard drives.

I have/had/will have so many webpages ,document files,pictures,software,music and films that I don’t even need the internet half the time – even for looking up the definition for words and concepts.

I notice certain things in relation to this –
you need your total selection because you don’t know which content you might want to re(use) you can’t get and don’t want everything – there are ‘ webpages ,document files,pictures,software,music and films that I don’t’ want or need

I noticed irrational hoarding when I was stuck using self storage units – one man had a unit filled to the max with clothes and he would open it and add a bit and that’s it ,was also very hostile.
another man had an even larger unit in which he would pull up to in a truck overflowing with the same shit he had stuffed his unit to capacity with.

I’ve also seen this phenomena amongst various “obvious” mentally ill homeless people
– basically the accumulate a lot of “junk” just like the rest of us and have difficultly letting it go – just like the rest of us.

Maybe some hoarding behavior has to do with being poor and not having shit.
However the lessons I’ve learned is that there is a limit to the things you need And if your poor the less you have(cling to) the better.

Its paradoxical – you are fated to die and leave it all behind and you don’t know where how or when,but you need a certain amount of things to until then and if you have family and like or love them you might want them to get it after your gone.


~ by Mbeti on December 13, 2012.

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