Black People Hair Style Vision and Black People Interpretation Vision

Black People Hair Style Vision and Black People Interpretation Vision
afros and thangs

Many of you who may via my blog ,other related blogs or are Afrocentric may have vision or desire to see your/our people acting and looking not the way they are (or the distorted way albinic/whites try to force them) but the way we could and should act and look.
afro 3

These pictures represent the outer appearance of my vision.

The Inner,The one will only ever see a reflection of is how we could and should interpret the world – through Science and Philosophy ,in my vision we will be atheist by default ,having never to project a grandiose image of ourselves to compensate for our inadequacies nor being so ignorant as to accept such from anyone else.

Also I envision a reverse paper bag test administered by us for us where if you are less meleniniated (lighter) beyond a certain degree – then you are not considered “black” or “brown” but deficient and suspect to be permanently shunned or permanently cured of your albinism.Afro Styles 1


~ by Mbeti on January 4, 2013.

One Response to “Black People Hair Style Vision and Black People Interpretation Vision”

  1. Mbeti,

    With regard hair types, I find this post will interest you:

    The thing with this hair styling is that one receives assistance from one’s close friend. Your image of hairdos are actually individual or ‘corporate’ enterprises. In our traditions, hair is done by our ‘best’ friend. Who else would you trust with your hair?

    With regard atheism, I find this post will interest you:

    Separately, you should recognize that Knowledge is a weapon against Ignorance; yet “Ignornace” is an unawares of Reality. Really, it becomes what entails Reality to you? We Africans have long experienced the Spiritual realm–Spiritual Reality–of whom our Creator reigns. This makes “Atheism” Ignorance–not Knowledgeable. Is this articulate to you?

    As with regard paper bags, I think you should reconsider. Light complexions abound in Black Families because of historic rapes, confusion, mis-education and errors. We did not come from Africa together to keep ourselves divided due the machinations of our Oppressors.

    Mbiti, you should realize that Organization is our key to uplift. What’s more financing our Liberation is a must. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will be satisfied on this earth.

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