by brothawolf on January 14, 2013.


I know you’ve seen something like the following before on television at least once: A commercial appears that shows little African children obviously starving and miserable. Some commercials will include Southeast Asian children in the same way, but most will focus on African children.

In center stage is a white person telling you about the children in the commercial: how they’ve hardly eaten or bathed, how they’re sick and possibly dying. Most of all, they tell you that for less than a cup of coffee you can sponsor a child like them. (The assumption being that there are millions like them all over the continent.) The white person will appear as benevolent and sympathetic as possible while sad music is playing in the background. This helps play with your emotions, making you feel sorry for those children. That helps drum up business for the “Save the children in Africa” complex.

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~ by Mbeti on January 14, 2013.

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