Homelessness – The Mobile Shack Saga

I’ve lived in los angeles some 20 plus years,most of those years I’ve been homeless.

I’ve gone through a lot of different changes of circumstance over the years,now at age 50 having first come to l.a. in my early twenties I think I begin to see patterns of the circumstances – perhaps its my desire for solutions,my trust and confidence in reason and truth.

But it seems I’m compelled apon a journey that appears a great saga – with each passing day or moment a episode in a story both inspiring and depressing ,beautiful and disgusting,insightful informative and educational if you can access it,endure it and hope to comprehend it.

But enough poetry ,lets focus on the specifics
Me – african american male
moved from brooklyn new york where I grew up
poor ,single living parent until age 13 when she died
father – said to have died on operating table when I was six
months old
The background – my poverty both of wealth and of knowledge.
African americans are the only group of americans who involuntarily emigrated to the usa.
Also the only americans forced by the other americans to pre-self identify.

As I learned the hard way but most of my family “friends” and peers refuse to mention nor acknowledge – all the real estate ,as well as all other business of value and significance is owned.

….TO BE Continued and updated
The Mobile Shack Saga


~ by Mbeti on January 14, 2013.

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