How Slaves Were Made And How we are kept that way

Kenneth Stampp’s helpful description of the slave system and its methodology for producing the ideal slaves (in The Peculiar Institution).
Only as one ponders this is it possible to appreciate the varied ways in which black men and women resisted and eroded all mechanisms for the making of slaves.

Using the documents of the nineteenth-century slave owners, Stampp noted a methodology for creating slaves out of free human beings, for developing servile mentalities from childhood, which could be broken into six related elements.

They were
1.The establishment of strict discipline over the captive African community in order to develop “unconditional submission” among them.

2.The development within black people of a sense of rank inferiority as individuals and as a group, especially in relation to their African ancestry.

3.The development of raw fear, “to awe them with a sense of their master’s enormous power.” (Of course, it was always to be understood that behind the power of the master stood the power of the local and federal governments.)

4.The establishment within the enslaved person of a sense that the master’s welfare was really synonymous with his own, and therefore must be defended and forwarded at all cost.

5.The creation of a willingness within the African-American captives to accept the slaveholders’ standards of conduct as their own.

6.The development within the captive people of “a habit of perfect dependence” upon those who claimed to be their masters.

Oppressed black people turned against their own people for various reasons, but most often to acquire advantages over other members of their phenotype. Once those who are set free have been recognized, rewarded and elevated by the dominant society, they are threatened when other members of their phenotype break free or urge them to re-identify with the group. They become conservatives, and like any good conservative, they accept that there must be some losers in life.

They will do whatever is necessary to maintain the status quo between the phenotypes so long as they personally remain elevated. Black conservatives and Sambo’s want more than anything else to live in the class society where they can escape the stigma of being members of the black phenotype that they themselves are degrading.


~ by Mbeti on January 21, 2013.

3 Responses to “How Slaves Were Made And How we are kept that way”

  1. […] How Slaves Were Made And How we are kept that way […]

  2. White people have a natural aggression against black people, and every other race despises us as well. I have been

    digging to find truth for a few years now and I will try to sum up my thoughts below:

    1. Some people including our own black brothers and sisters think and say that our race is cursed but this is not

    true, even if God had cursed us in the past it should not have passed the 3rd or 4th generation.

    2. We are causing it on ourselves because of our ghetto and violent behaviour but this too doesn’t hold water

    because even if we do what we are told, dress, talk, walk and think as they want us to they will still hold as

    inferior and less human than themselves.

    3. It was our own black people in Africa that sold us into slavery, this might be true somewhat but in their mind

    they thought that the white men were practising the same type of slavery that they have been doing for centuries

    against their enemies, which is nothing like what the white people did to black people.

    And pretty much everything else you can think of surrounding these topics above I have researched and questioned

    and still haven’t found the truth I am seeking. However, what I have found so far:

    1. The persecution, hatred and despise we face worldwide from every other race and sometimes from our very own is

    deeper than cultural, social, political it is SPIRITUAL.

    2. The hatred comes natural from the white race and other races toward us and this begs the question that this is

    something that transcends borders and cultures. It is not from God so it must be from lucifer, he has us in his

    cross-hairs for centuries and generations now and he uses the white race and other races to execute his hatred for


    3. What I am not sure about is why he hates us so much, the clues I have found so far is that we more so than any

    other race demonstrate the character of God, we love our enemies and pray for them since we are not striking back

    with the same hate and violence they dish out on us. We are more peaceful despite what the news portray about us

    around world being violent and warring factions in Africa and gangs in other countries.

    4. God’s people in the Bible were always hated by other nations (maybe also means other races) and they were placed

    in bondage and slavery more than once which is common history if compared with our race.

    5. We have always been more spiritual and GENUINE (trusting and faithful) it’s our nature and that’s good but it’s

    also what the enemy uses to trick and destroy us. Another quality we share with the Creator God.

    I know deep down you my black brothers and sisters you feel what I am trying to share here, I am trying to put it

    into words but in your soul deep down you know something that you can’t explain or understand.

    Unfortunately I don’t have access to the historical records that I seek and I have to rely on what I am told and

    most times that is not a black person who found the evidence themselves.

    I trust one thing that I have access to right now and that is my Bible and I know it is inspired and not inspired

    by man and definitely not a white man and I might as well say any other race, what’s inside it more align with the

    history of black people and the characteristics of God in it are more in line with the character portrayed by black

    people. That might sound arrogant but think about it, do you as a black person look at another race normally and

    just automatically be filled with hate? If you do then it’s a reaction to what they may have done to you but how

    would you explain that from the side of the white race and other races who we have not done anything wicked to and

    always look at us in that fashion?

    I know it’s spiritual because of the universality of the hate toward us. What I notice we do is focus mainly on the

    by-product of the problem and not delve in the root which is past the history of us just being enslaved by the

    white race. Our enemy has been around much longer than we know and he using the other races (nations) to execute

    his hate and covetousness of us.

    I don’t have a solution and I am still searching for a truth of this that is kept hidden on purpose. In my feeble

    understanding I think that maybe if we become more aware of these questions something will happen.

    I cry out to the Lord and ask how long shall our people be in bondage, shame, despised, hated and persecuted? How

    long oh Lord?

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