The Uselessness Of Mathematics In Daily Life

The Uselessness Of Mathematics In Daily Life
you are force to take/learn these in compulsory school grades
and in the the movie “Stand and Deliver” the teacher was able to get his barrio/ghettoized students
to pass a calculus test;but beyond showing that they could too, I (african american male from a ghetto)
have yet to find any use or utility in any profession I know of for these mathematics.

I know how to read,write and basic math(add subtract divide multiply and fractions)
but i find history,philosophy and the sciences to be the most useful and even of these
specific knowledge related to specific problems is most important.

Since I first wrote this – I’ve subdivided all knowledge to 5 major categories

physics chemistry biology sociology and psychology
of which
indepth knowledge of the last two appear of primary importance and only superficial knowledge of the first three is required as indepth knowledge can and will only be aquired in the course of historical evolution.


~ by Mbeti on January 21, 2013.

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