I’m in Prison but not jail.

I’m in Prison but not jail.
My jailers are the white men and women I’m forced to associate with everyday.

They kill injure or imprison those who would support and assist me/us as intimidation and warning to the rest who subjugate themselves to appease them.

But it is their ugliness that they force upon me that causes the most pain – every day ,day in day out – HAVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH THE UGLIEST OF US – is the refrain;
and no black women to be found or only after I ‘ve become infuriated from the abuse and am sure to reject anyone – does a black women appear – only to be rejected – no I don’t want love now I want revenge – thus I am alone (and whose fault is that) the craven ones accuse.

I can download almost any part of the internet for free.
Free articles,books ,pictures,music ,videos,films – email,blogs,webpage accounts
free shit by the tons

aN A half black president(with a full? black wife) to boot

and I’m still NOT FREE
not free of being called a nigger by my own black people
not free of being assaulted or killed by my own black people (for as little as a look)
not free of poverty or economic discrimination by the descendents of my ancestors enslavers
not free to love who I choose
not free to speak my mind honestly
not free from the constant lies of descendents of my ancestors enslavers
not free from their bias laws and enforcers

In the land of the free and home of the brave – I am still a slave.


~ by Mbeti on January 30, 2013.

One Response to “I’m in Prison but not jail.”

  1. How can society be changed to make freedom possible?

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