Sex Beauty Love And Morality

Ah Effeminization ,passivity and homosexuality – The Great Dr.Welsing’s said it has one very simple cause – fear – and me being a black male – oh how I can relate.

However Tyrone raises another issue with which I can’t relate – that if I’m heterosexual masculine – i.e not indoctrinated with fear – I would “lust after white women”.

I guess it depends on they type of man you are – cause from two extremely important and powerful perspectives white females don’t and can’t do it for ME ever.

1.physical beauty – phenotype : no buttock form ,flabby
small or no breasts
thin lips
pale – Blochey complexion
cruel calculating eyes
particular body Oder/smell difference due biochemistry difference

I’m talking 70 to 90 % over here! of the white (northern,mid,southern european
including latino and mulattoes
northern,mid asian- chinese, korean,etc) females.

Whats to lust after ? I mean really? – I rarely if ever even dream about getting a erection – i.e. sexual arousal due to sight smell or presence in regards to these females.

And there are numerous black women ?
I can’t see it and definitely don’t feel it.

An analogy of the physical prowess of the black male to the white male is
the physical beauty of the average black female to the average white female.
9 times out ten somebody gonna lose – badly…..

2.Morality – I said 70 to 90% meaning a 30 to 10 percent exception.
white female – well proportioned,kind eyes,pleasant smell etc physical etc

still got a big big problem – your brother,father sisters ganged up on many of my people – enslaved them,hung them from trees to instill fear,regularly slander and abuse us,when we tried to build up our own separate from you (black wall street)
ya bombed it and massacred even children- your interested in what now?!

sex,f–king can’t use the other word,just can’t – na I’m cool, in fact I’m ice f–king cold to the idea and concept – but don’t take it personally

last time I checked I don’t know any black women no matter how beautiful I would be interested in,should be interested in, if she was involved with assault theft rape or murder ….

Nice to get this out there.
Excellent and incisive post – your previous one had me worried and concerned – and I would say your strong but
and I have not even read it yet and I know its true.


~ by Mbeti on January 30, 2013.

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