My Django Question?

My Django Question?
Why hasn’t any african american or other african dispora film maker made a film about slavery – particularly the african maafa?
why hasn’t any african american or other african dispora film maker made a film like princess and the frog but about a african princess?

What happen to all the african american or other african diaspora film makers making films about us?

I think I know why and most aware african/black people do to.

We are so weak ,so powerless ,so under the thumb of the albinic/white population that we are not allowed to.

Their control has so tighten ,has become so refined that most do not even want to – and yes the obama presidency is a part of that – a global psyop – in terms of the representation of power that african americans have – it equals zero ,less than zero even as the same albinic/white male government officials that gave the world nine eleven gave us a “black” president.

oN A side note
some might wonder why I would be so bold so reckless in saying what I say.
Its quite simple really – I have very little to lose – my blog account,my facebook account,my email accounts etc owned by what people again?
I posted a article named CTS and also code of silence – its my continuous constant experience – no family no friends no job business or home just a life to be snuffed out at their whim.

Why they allow me to continue to live I don’t know, maybe its to “break me” completely before i die.
How long do you think I can hold out before my ultimate humiliation and death.
I swear oaths every day to resist unto death(which is inevitable) and if I die not being broken – in the last milliseconds I’ll have the smallest of victories.


~ by Mbeti on January 31, 2013.

4 Responses to “My Django Question?”

  1. Danny glover keeps trying to get a film about the hatian revolution made but the studios don’t want that, some say because it would be too extreme and audiences wouldn’t want to see it but maybe there is a different reason for it not being made.

    Not all whites were killed during the hatian revolution, there is a popular myth that whites were exterminated from Haiti after the revolution but that is not true. Many whites were killed but a group of polish people were spared because they defected and joined the side of the revolution. Also there were some Germans spared and some people of French heritage spared. But most of the whites were killed during the hatian revolution. And after the revolution all citizens of Haiti were legally declared black in their constitution(even though technically there were racially white Haitians) in order to prevent future racial discrimination.

    I’m still trying to understand the racial and ethnic situation in America. I have come across a lot of conflicting information. I don’t know what is best for America and the world.

  2. I can’t answer your question specifically because you refer to “Afrikan American” or Afrika Diaspora”. There though are films that will kind of fit into the categories you mention, but are made by “Afrikans”. With respect to the princess point/positive/strong images of Afrikan women this may fit the bill

    With respect to films on slavery try this

    I haven’t got time to search for the Afrikan version, but I’m sure, one will be able to find out what happened to the movie. I’ve found it . I think it’s on YouTube as well.

    The reason why Afrikan Americans haven’t done anything on this topic may purely be down to finance and wanting to recoup the monies spent. I watched “Beloved” on Netfilx the other day. A quick Google search revealed that Oprah lost money there. May be some young independent producers need to get together and pull something off. A relatively good production should be around $500,000 or even less. I’ve seen pretty reasonable movies on Netflix produced on that kind of budget.

    BTW I remember reading, some years ago, that there was a black version of Jesus done by some independent producers. Do you know the name of the film?

  3. Sankofa is the standard African film on American Slavery.

    Otherwise, there are innumerable African Filmmakers making innumerable African films. The only problem is that the network of Filmmakers is limited. Few of us “KNOW” of them. This relates to Europeans controlling our level of discourse.

    Case and point,

    Obviously, more needs to be done.

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