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A male friend of mine made the following observation a few days ago.

He was shopping at Swap-O-Rama, a popular flea market in the Chicago area, waiting for his turn at the ATM, which was next to a booth selling President Obama T-shirts, and noticed the majority of the buyers were black females, mainly black females over the age of 40. I wasn’t surprised. Among that age group, it seemed they were MORE likely to be infatuated with President Obama than younger black females.

I believe there are three reasons that might explain President Obama’s huge popularity among black females, especially older black females. (And please bear with me since I might be incorrect about my observations, which I will be the first to admit are far from being facts).


In a white supremacy system (like the United States), black males have been systematically…

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~ by Mbeti on March 27, 2013.

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