My Favorite Cool Android Apps

About a month or more ago (Yeah I shoulda noted the exact date but I didn’t)LG Motion 4g
I found a LG Motion 4g smartphone,I even found a holder for it (after buying a inferior one no less) and I would have returned it to its owner but just as I went out to get a bit of weed to enjoy my new toy and decide one way or the other – my place was broken into (yet again).

Obviously for someone in my situation (extremely low income/no income homeless) its not the most favorable event for making the best ethical decision.

Side Note on Phones – Because I’m a very solitary Individual
(Due to personality traits and/or Covert and Overt racism)
I have little to no need to call anyone as I have no close friends or regular acquaintances and have yet to find a mutual interest female / mate.

I rarely if ever attend social events or go out for entertainment due to either my perception of constant racist harassment and abuse or actual racist harassment and abuse.

Therefore outside of very infrequent government or business use
I have virtually no need of a phone to call someone.

However I now have three ,one I purchased only so I could get the nextbus app feature and currently serves primarily as my FM only radio as some phones Have this built in feature,which didn’t really know or think about.

Second phone completely free from business govt combine known as universal lifeline service because I so poor.

I get the idea they think I might go over my free minutes and start spending money with them – good luck with that idea as my isolation has been consistent for more than 30 years,heck I can’t even find any and I mean any blood relatives nor their children (have two brothers and three sisters and all the sisters have multiple children) no google no facebook ,nothing and I’ve tried repeated (but I guess deep down I really don’t want to find any family, just continue to be surrounded harassed and abused by whites only as they pretend to be friendly while 99% of black ignore me)

And Now a third phone that uses wifi only ,as I’m don’t need nor want an account I have to pay for.
And I ‘m Exploring VOip Or making telephone calls through my wifi connection as there are many Free wifi locations and growing.
Still will proably only use the wifi for occassical nextrip info ,or misc app download.

Anyway I’ve quickly learned the ins and outs of having a “smartphone” and while cute and useful(recently looked at some old popular science mag about handhelds – if they could see us now ;wait a minute its us,anyway where was I…)

I Still prefer my second love – the laptop/notebook pc or as I like to call em PPC’s or portable personal computers.
Can do a lot more (if I ever get around to it),bigger screen,more disk space ,etc etc

Most Useful………….
browser – can you say nextbus – really need thier own app
so cool to find a hotspot a your bus stop so you can find out when the next damn bus is coming…
email – nah like it better on my PPC
memo – FINALLY I can write notes (even in freehand) on a small portable device that I can carry everywhere with me ,
now someone explain to me why I haven’t made a freehand note yet,and after a few memo’s, I’m still using my paper and pencil routine??
well at least I use the new plastic pencils!

polaris office – NOW I can finally read adobe pdf’s and word doc files – once in a purple moon if I lose or break my PPC and don’t have a spare..
calender – yep
calculator – un huh
gallery – pictures and videos ya basterd…
weather – maybe
music player – hell yes very useful,and if I don’t feel like listening to music but really want to block out the irritating and annoying sound,conversation,etc then I’ve created a special file I’ve named Blacknoise (a audio recording of the noise a tv channel makes when there is no signal,or whatever),adjust the volume and temporary audio relief and relaxation here I come.
file managers – just messing around cause when I connect to my PPC
Windows explorer won’t let me look at it as funny as with a file mangement app – not
facebook – nope better on my PPC
maps – A little bit ,A little bit
Least Useful………………
paypal – better on my PPC
ebay – What I said above
amazon – above
youtube – above again
gmail – duh
wordpress – nahh

Cool And Nifty………………

kindle – And On the PPC too ,really despise people who buy a device just too read books…..

compass – go figure ….

Merriam Webster dictionary – never misspell or miss a meaning again
galaxy tarot – really looks and sounds nice and yeah I believe this crap now leave me alone;-/

flashlight – I keep forgetting it can do this ,and the little puppy’s bright too.

thermal vision – so pretty ,Idea to look for this app from a 90’s film Fair Game…..

night vision – Yep I use it all the time to find things in the dark when I forget it has A flashlight – NOT….

utorrent – yep you can download whole movies right on your phone (if you have enough disk space)

telescope – works a little bit
magnifier – yep it actually does magnify stuff, even used it to when trying to pick a splinter out of my finger
spider solitaire
angry birds star wars
agent dash


~ by Mbeti on October 19, 2013.

3 Responses to “My Favorite Cool Android Apps”

  1. I hate phones that think they’re smarter than me,

    I still haven’t gotten used to my smartphone, really don’t like them, and prefer my pc hands-down and my laptop, second, and my land-line cord-less phone, third

    those touch screens drive me crazzzeee, especially when the phone pretends I did something I know I didn’t do (like dial a number or punch the wrong key)

    and the volume on my new phone (after the glass (???) face of the previous one cracked) is pathetic and I’m ready to trash it only I’m still paying on it

    but as soon as I finish I’m going back to that old flip phone I had two years ago that made calls, took messages and didn’t make my face feel like I was talking into a heating pad!

  2. @TrojanPam
    a lot of it has to do with that old “keep up with joneses” ,the need to have the latest gadget and yet another way for white people (particularly the men) in the guise of corporations to appropriate yet more wealth from the general populace.

    Have you noticed how the “white” apple pc’s and phones are generally target toward the white population in general and the wealthier classes in particular?
    Never mine the fact the raw materials are virtually stolen from african and made with asian virtual slave labor. And this goes for all our electronics and most other consumer products.
    All to massively overcompensate a small percentage of white people so they never have to face the fact they are genetically subordinate and phenotypically inferior.

    Sorry To get so serious but your one of my Serious Issue mentors – I’m going to be doing some extensive media content reviews in the coming weeks and your words and books will definitely be noted in my critiques.

    • You raise some good points, especially about the raw materials stolen from Africa and the slave labor that went into making them.

      Keep me posted on your critiques

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