To me science is the best way to the truth,but if you disagree your comments are welcome.


Science is our body of knowledge of the natural world. It is more than just a long list of facts: it includes the theories that fit the facts together and explain them. Facts tell us what is so, theories tell us why it is so.

Science used to be called natural philosophy because it was the branch of philosophy that explained the natural world. But no one calls it that now because science no longer works the way philosophy does. It has become something halfway between philosophy and geometry.

These days science almost always means Western science. There were other sciences: Greek science, Arab science, Chinese science and so on.

Western science is built on Greek science but it takes it much further. What distinguishes the two are the rules that they follow.

Science is not just theories and facts: it is also a set of rules about how to…

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~ by Mbeti on October 21, 2013.

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