Little Known Black History Facts

Another example of the contributions of black american inventors.

Racism Is White Supremacy

I ran across an email I received several years ago about “Little Known Black History Facts” and thought it would be a great reminder of just a FEW of the contributions black people have made to the quality of modern life BUT have received little to no credit for inventing.

Understanding racism/white supremacy is more than RHETORIC. It is understanding the POWER of DECEPTION and the NECESSITY of CONVINCING its black and non-white Victims that they are so inferior that they NEED (and deserve) to be dominated.

And the “proof” taught in EVERY grammar and high school and news program and movie theater in this nation is:

 White people  invented, created, and discovered EVERYTHING  worth  inventing,  creating, and discovering.

We must make a greater effort to ARM our children with KNOWLEDGE so they will NOT fall for the LIE of black inferiority.


A very humorous and revealing…

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~ by Mbeti on December 6, 2013.

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