The Wire


stringer-bell Idris Elba as evil drug lord Stringer Bell

Disclaimer: This post is based on the first two seasons, which I saw.

“The Wire” (2002-2008) was a police show on American television that viewed the city of Baltimore from a different angle each season:

  1. Drug dealers
  2. Dock workers
  3. Politicians
  4. Schoolteachers
  5. News reporters

Left out: Television screenwriters.

In each season the police work on a related criminal case. Each one-hour episode is like a chapter of a book, giving “The Wire” the depth of a novel.

david simon con burns (izda) y pelecanos Screenwriters Ed Burns, David Simon and George Pelecanos of “the Wire” posing in West Baltimore

The show is largely the creation of David Simon and Ed Burns. Simon was a news reporter for the Baltimore Sun from 1982 to 1995. Ed Burns was a Baltimore police officer for 20 years and then a schoolteacher.

The show is based on years of research and their…

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