black beauty: a brief history

Very Important aspect of life ,how you look…..


This post is very much a work in progress. What follows is just my first attempt at it:

Here are some of the top black beauties in America through the years. Which ones wear their hair naturally? Which ones do you think could pass the brown paper bag test?

1940s: Lena Horne

1950s:Dorothy Dandridge

1960s: Diahann Carroll

1970s: Pam Grier

1980s: Vanessa Williams, Phylicia Rashad

1990s: Halle Berry, Angela Bassett, Tyra Banks

2000s: Beyonce, Gabrielle Union

Before the 1960s black ideas of beauty were pretty much white ideas of beauty. White is beautiful. Good hair was straight hair, beautiful skin was light skin, and a pretty face had a thin nose and thin lips. Women  straightened their hair and tried to lighten their skin. Men tried to marry the lightest-skinned woman they could. Little black girls, when asked, mostly preferred white dolls over black dolls.

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~ by Mbeti on August 1, 2014.

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