Notes towards a Chicano history of the US

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Schools in the US teach a White or Anglo American history of the country. Because of White guilt it is full of lies, half-truths and stuff left out. There is much to learn and unlearn:

America – a continent, not a country.

Anglo Americans – the English-speaking White people of North America, the largest ethnic group in the US as a whole. They often see themselves as the “real Americans”, as better than everyone else. They have a good guy/bad guy view of history:

sanitize, demonize – what those who write about US history for schoolchildren do. They make Whites seem way better than they are (heroes! pioneers!) and people of colour seem way worse (savages! bandits!).

White heroes – did not create the US through their courage and virtue. Instead the US was built on:

The three pillars of racism: genocide, slavery and imperialism. The genocide of Natives…

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~ by Mbeti on September 27, 2014.

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