What if there were a Black Default?

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What if instead of the White Default, the US had a Black Default?

  • Black history would just be “history”.
  • Black English would just be “English”.
  • Black literature would just be “literature”.
  • Black Hollywood would just be “Hollywood”.
  • Black music would just be “music”.
  • Black beauty would just be “beauty”.
  • Black news would just be “the news”.
  • Black progress would just be “progress”.
  • Black crime would just be “crime”.
  • Black Americans would just be “Americans”.

group-of-african-american-women.jpg The top picture for “American people” according to Google Images – if you search only Kenyan websites.

Meanwhile, White things would be called “White”:

  • White history,
  • White English,
  • White literature,
  • White Hollywood,
  • White music,
  • White beauty,
  • White news,
  • White progress,
  • White crime,
  • White Americans.

“White is beautiful” would be a catchphrase, because “Black is beautiful” would go without saying.

tumblr_nywvphYFV71qgijgzo1_1280.jpg Teyonah Parris on a movie poster for “Chi-Raq” (2015).

Beauty products and colour photography would work best on Black…

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~ by Mbeti on December 18, 2015.

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