Noam Chomsky ,KPFK(Pacifica) And Atheism.

Some months ago Sam Harris a known and prominent white male atheist engaged Noam Chomsky in a date/disccuion via email.
Sam Harris
Many said Chomsky won the debate.
However for me an atheist since childhood (now 52) I’ve listen to kpfk for years indeed over 10 years
And always enjoyed when ever Chomsky was a guest on the radio station.
I’ve enjoyed and been educated listening to the various radio programs and Chomsky talks/lectures over those years.
But then after the Sam Harris/ Noam Chomsky I realized something ,in all those years I never even knew Noam Chomsky was an atheist ,don’t recall him ever saying a word about his atheism; nor have I ever heard the word much less a show disscuing the subject on kpfk.
A very interesting and glaring admission don’t you think.
Well think I have a hypothesis that may explain this glaring omission
Actually not a formal hypothesis more like a general Idea ,and it’s the same reason when you think of prominent atheists only famous white males come to mind.
The world today Is dominated intellectually ,economically and militarily by men in general and white males in particular.
Why this is and what the implications are for the future Is another discussion.


~ by Mbeti on December 19, 2015.

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