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The Mbundu people make up 25% of Angola. Queen Nzingha, who fought the Portuguese in the 1600s, was Mbundu. So was Agostinho Neto, who fought them in the 1900s. So was Lesliana Pereira, Miss Angola 2008 (pictured above). And so were the Africans who arrived at Jamestown, Virginia in 1619, beginning Black American history.

ethnic-africa Some African peoples that Blacks in the US are descended from. The Mbundu are the southernmost on the map.

kimbundo_bom The Mbundu heartland in Angola.

The Mbundu in 1450:

  • Location: northern Angola.
  • Population: about 500,000.
  • Language: Kimbundu, a Bantu language.
  • Religion: worshipped spirits of ancestors, hills, water, woods, etc. Witchcraft, divining.
  • Government: kingdoms.
  • Society: matrilineal lineages with the oldest males in charge. Craft guilds. Circumcision.
  • Economy: Farming, hunting, fishing, crafts, trade, etc.
    • grew: sorghum, millet.
    • raised: goats, sheep, guinea fowl, cows.
    • hunted: rats, birds, porcupines, hyenas, lions, elephants.

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