black women’s hair: a brief history: 1400-1900

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The following only covers black women in America. It is based on “Hair Story” (2001) by Ayana D. Byrd and Lori L. Tharps: Most blacks in America come from West Africa. In that part of t…

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Ta-Nehisi Coates: Nina Simone’s Face

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“Nina Simone’s Face” (2016) is a piece Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote for The Atlantic about the upcoming film “Nina” starring Zoe Saldana: “When I was kid, I knew what …

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Annie Easley

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Annie Jean Easley (1933-2011) was one of the first computer programmers at NASA, the US government’s space agency. She worked on the Centaur rocket, ozone studies and batteries for electric c…

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Trailer: Nina

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“Nina” (2016), a film about singer Nina Simone, is set to come out on April 22nd. See the trailer above. Nina Simone is played by Zoe Saldana, a light-skinned Latina who looks so unlike…

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authenic black history from one of my favorite blogs.



The Mbundu people make up 25% of Angola. Queen Nzingha, who fought the Portuguese in the 1600s, was Mbundu. So was Agostinho Neto, who fought them in the 1900s. So was Lesliana Pereira, Miss Angola 2008 (pictured above). And so were the Africans who arrived at Jamestown, Virginia in 1619, beginning Black American history.

ethnic-africa Some African peoples that Blacks in the US are descended from. The Mbundu are the southernmost on the map.

kimbundo_bom The Mbundu heartland in Angola.

The Mbundu in 1450:

  • Location: northern Angola.
  • Population: about 500,000.
  • Language: Kimbundu, a Bantu language.
  • Religion: worshipped spirits of ancestors, hills, water, woods, etc. Witchcraft, divining.
  • Government: kingdoms.
  • Society: matrilineal lineages with the oldest males in charge. Craft guilds. Circumcision.
  • Economy: Farming, hunting, fishing, crafts, trade, etc.
    • grew: sorghum, millet.
    • raised: goats, sheep, guinea fowl, cows.
    • hunted: rats, birds, porcupines, hyenas, lions, elephants.

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Noam Chomsky ,KPFK(Pacifica) And Atheism.

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Some months ago Sam Harris a known and prominent white male atheist engaged Noam Chomsky in a date/disccuion via email.
Sam Harris
Many said Chomsky won the debate.
However for me an atheist since childhood (now 52) I’ve listen to kpfk for years indeed over 10 years
And always enjoyed when ever Chomsky was a guest on the radio station.
I’ve enjoyed and been educated listening to the various radio programs and Chomsky talks/lectures over those years.
But then after the Sam Harris/ Noam Chomsky I realized something ,in all those years I never even knew Noam Chomsky was an atheist ,don’t recall him ever saying a word about his atheism; nor have I ever heard the word much less a show disscuing the subject on kpfk.
A very interesting and glaring admission don’t you think.
Well think I have a hypothesis that may explain this glaring omission
Actually not a formal hypothesis more like a general Idea ,and it’s the same reason when you think of prominent atheists only famous white males come to mind.
The world today Is dominated intellectually ,economically and militarily by men in general and white males in particular.
Why this is and what the implications are for the future Is another discussion.

Donald Trump And The American Presidential Race

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Notice the numerous 17 republican presidential candidates all except for two are white males
Far fewer democratic candidates all white male though and one white female.
Why are the loudest voices on both sides white haired white males?
bernie sanders
Why is the racist white haired white male the most popular and considered funny?

I think it’s because a large portion of america including the media where and are not comfortable with anyone but a white male in the most dominant position in this county and the world.
And if it means lying and war to achieve that end then so be it, after all lying is the main component of religion as is male dominance and with Christianity Judaism and Islam white male dominance.
Its how america was founded ,it how europe and america became “western” civilization even though africa occupies the same hemisphere.
It’s the foundation of white European civilization – the god ,his son ,even the apostles all men.
Philosophy is the highest intellectual activity ,the one with the mot status , the most dominant.
Notice if you study it the complete absence of females and blacks – you know bitches (all females) and niggers (all black people) ,thousands of years and no contribution by any woman? Or any black ?
Notice also how there is no extremely ugly and disparaging word for all white people or all men especially white men.
Its remarkable how no democratic african male or female wants to be president , and just one belatedly begrudgingly white female who many don’t trust for no decerable reason and who does not really have any platform other than she wants to be president and if elected will be the first female to hold that office it american history. never mine a brown skinned Latino native american or asian.
white males love war and destruction
Good bad evil – no word opposite evil that’s good?
Star wars – not peace or love?
Because fighting and killing is fun?
If you have do a suicide dive of you space fighter ship into a larger warship filled with fighting men
(no others on board) and you are all destroyed in a large explosion that’s cool and fun even though it’s the last thing you’ll ever do.
But can you blame them ,through lies and war they have and do dominate every aspect of life in this world.
Who’s the wealthiest, persons and nations ,who’s the smartest ,who are the greatest thinkers in history and if your religious who do you worship and obey – white men.


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