TV Shows – I watched,liked and therefore my Reviews

A list of TV Shows I like and have in my collection now that the technology allows for this.


Cartoons   Comedy  Crime  Ancient History Martial Arts  SiFi Spy War Western

The Catergories   Crime , Ancient History, Martial Arts,  SiFi ,Spy ,War  and Western also indicate Male dominated violence as action .

Also most all the shows are white/albinic cast to the deliberate in most cases exculsion of africans and  african american espiacially.

Spartacus (Blood and Sand)

Very interesting and Entertaining

very violent and sexually explicit (realism?)

courious pattern both with stars and extras – you have black males but no black females.

both the movie (kurt douglas) and this series the primary motivating factor that leads to the slave revolt is seperation of the protagonist from his mate and the strength of thier love.

Is the  reason why the film and TV series resonate with me is because I am a african american male of lowest socioeconomic status?


2 Responses to “TV Shows – I watched,liked and therefore my Reviews”

  1. Sorry my dear…

    I unplugged from The AmeriKlan Racist Propaganda Machine years ago.

  2. thanks for the info, appreciated it. it was so well formatted.

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